CAHK Supports The New Initiatives On Telecommunications Industry In The Chief Executive’s 2021 Policy Address

Communications Association of Hong Kong supports the new
initiatives on telecommunications industry in the Chief
Executive’s 2021 Policy Address

New initiatives will
be beneficial to the further development of 5G and the
implementation of the Smart City

2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Communications Association of Hong
Kong (CAHK) has expressed positive support to the Chief
Executive’s 2021 Policy Address, in particular its new
initiatives on Smart City as highlighted under the “Building
a Liveable City”.

We welcome the Hong Kong SAR (HKSAR)
Government’s plan to release more 5G spectrum by the end of
October 2021 to meet the needs of various 5G services in
terms of speed, capacity and coverage, it is fundamental to
meeting the ever-increasing demand for data

On the promotion of 5G application, we note
from the Policy Address that the HKSAR Government launched
the Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G,
subsidise more sectors to boost efficiency and productivity
by adopting innovative 5G applications such as telemedicine,
distance maintenance support and real-time safety monitoring
in construction sites.

All these encouraging
initiatives are welcomed by us and the industry. These
initiatives will facilitate the implementation of the HKSAR
Government’s Smart City blueprint, and anticipate a more
prosperous future of innovation and technology, accelerate
the digital transformation of enterprises in different

About Communications Association of Hong

CAHK is a non-profit making organisation
incorporated in Hong Kong on 27 May 1983 following the
announcement of deregulation of local communication products
and services. It is the association for Hong Kong’s
communications industries, with responsibilities across
broadcasting, wireline and wireless communications, and
other sectors in information communications

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