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WORCESTER — At-large City Councilor Gary Rosen’s statement to open the Public Service and Transportation Committee’s hearing this week on the state of Charter/Spectrum’s cable and internet offerings in the city turned out to be a safe bet. 

“I don’t think too many of these folks here are going to say anything positive,” Rosen said. 

And that’s how it played out over the next hour-and-a-half. Rosen said the committee wanted public input as the three-year “ascertainment” period starts when the city looks back at the previous contract with the city’s lone cable and internet provider, and looks forward to negotiations for a new contract. 

Rosen said he predicted the city will ink a new contract with Charter/Spectrum when the contract comes up for renewal in two years, but residents who packed City Hall’s Esther Howland chamber Monday night and jammed the call-in lines virtually pushed for the city to rethink the business-as-usual approach. 

Worcester Councilor-at-Large Gary Rosen

Residents complained about inconsistent pricing, difficulty navigating customer service, the lack of a senior discount and spotty internet and cable reliability. They railed against rising costs for mostly unwanted cable channels, and conversely, some residents said they pay for higher-tier internet connections that don’t perform as advertised. There was universal condemnation of the customer service experience at the company’s Grafton Street storefront.

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