Hackaday Prize 2022: A Cheap And Effective Mouth Joystick Mouse

Some people have issues using regular computer mice, and need alternative input devices that suit their needs. [Olman Orozco] designed an affordable mouth-joystick intended to work as a mouse to suit that very use case.

A simple frame allows the controller to be held near the mouth for use.

The build is based on a simple USB gamepad. A mouse emulator program is used to turn the thumbstick movements into mouse movements, and button presses into mouse clicks.

The trick is that the thumbstick is turned into a mouth-activated joystick, making the device perfect for those with limited-to-no movement in their arms. This is achieved with a pen body used to extend the joystick so it can be readily actuated with the mouth. A custom puff-switch is also integrated into the mouth-joystick, built out of a balloon, bottle caps, and a micro switch. This enables the user to click on things without the need for another button.

Overall, it’s a great hack that turns cheap, everyday components into a useful piece of accessibility hardware. As a bonus, it can be built using only simple tools. [Olman] notes there’s no need for a 3D printer or other advanced parts or tools to build the device.

Game controllers are often important devices when it comes to accessibility hacking, as we’ve seen before.

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