Haitai Solar Launches New Official Website As Part of Its Branding Strategy Evolution

SHANGHAI, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Haitai Solar (stock code: 835985), a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of green energy, has today unveiled its new official website. Recognized as one of the top 500 new energy companies, the launch marks Haitai Solar’s next step on its journey to expand its international brand footprint.

Developed in line with the latest digital trends, Haitai Solar’s new website boasts a strong sense of design and a sleek modern concept. Each page features a dynamic background and a variety of images and video elements, which are well-suited to the way users consume information in the era of multimedia engagement. At the same time, the website features icons that make information more interactive and user-friendly.

Haitai Solar’s new homepage includes an engaging introduction of its business structure and achievements; an overview of core products from the Haitai-Taiji and Haitai-Taihe series; a showcase of Utility Scale Power Plant, Commercial and Industrial Projects, and Residential Rooftop Projects; and a side-scrolling news center featuring recent articles and studies. In addition to Chinese and English, Haitai Solar’s new website is also available in Japanese.

“The launch of Haitai Solar’s new official website is the result of a series of innovations made by the team in response to the user experience of our overseas customers. We hope that this new design allows more global audiences to understand Haitai Solar’s rich brand identity, as well as the abundance of high-quality products we have offered,” said Dianna Tao, VP of Haitai Solar.

Haitai Solar was founded in 2006 in Tangshan, Hebei Province, China. Since its inception, the brand has grown from a solar component OEM to a GW-level independent brand that ranks among the world’s top 500 new energy companies. As of 2021, Haitai Solar boasts a total production capacity of 8GW — 6.5GW from domestic factories and 1.5GW from the factory in Vietnam. The company is capable of producing 166 series, 182 series and 210 series modules with M6, M10 and G12 wafers, which the max power output can reach up to 670W.

Underpinned by the belief that “Quality Casts Value”, Haitai Solar has established a high-quality new energy enterprise with a comprehensive product matrix and professional, efficient clean energy solutions. By adhering to ISO 14001 criteria and developing a green intelligent manufacturing system, Haitai Solar has decreased electricity consumption by 59.7%, reduced CO2 emissions by 69.8% and reduced water consumption by 62.1% in the period between 2015 and 2020.

“With the launch of our new aesthetics website, Haitai Solar has once again enhanced the branding strategy and clients’ online journey. Through focusing on renewable energies with PV modules as our core business, we are committed to moving Haitai Solar forwards and will continue to further strengthen technology innovation, leading to provide reliable products which can fit to future trends while leveraging the development of the industry to ensure competitiveness for success in the long run, “said Wang Yong, Chairman of Haitai Solar.

For more information, please visit www.haitai-solar.com  

About Haitai Solar

Haitai Solar is a high-tech enterprise focused on green energy with five Business Divisions: Photovoltaic modules, Utility Scale Power Plant, Photovoltaic Brackets, Energy Storage, and Hydrogen Energy. Since its inception in 2006, the company has been committed to systematically providing more value to global customers and is recognized as Tier 1 Module Manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. With a total global production capacity of 8GW, Haitai Solar has been ranked as Top 10 PV companies in China in terms of production capacity and shipments. As an intelligent new energy provider, Haitai Solar will continue to promote new energy development with quality and technology development to lead the green energy revolution.

SOURCE Haitai Solar

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