How can Telecom help the masses?

Over the previous decade, the Indian telecom industry has seen numerous positive turns of events. India has accomplished the second biggest endorser network after China with the all-out number of supporters increasing to around 900 million and asserting a metropolitan teledensity in excess of 140 and rural teledensity of 40. With an expected base of 67 million cell phone clients in 2013, India additionally positions fifth among the top nations in this class. With an expanding cell phone entrance in the country, supporters getting to the web through cell phones remain at 176.50 million.

The Coronavirus pandemic—maybe more than some other occasion in mankind’s set of experiences—has shown the basic significance that media communications framework plays in keeping organizations, governments, and social orders associated and running. Due to the monetary and social interruption brought about by the pandemic, individuals across the globe depend on innovation for data, for social removing, and telecommuting. Many people believe that telecom has been in a steady upward trend since the dot com boom in the late nineties and are now being revolutionized by an array of new services being offered by operators, such as video on demand, interactive television, high-speed wireless internet access, and ultra-fast broadband. Many of these newer offerings being made by telecom companies are being referred to as “5G” networks, which are set to deliver amazingly fast wireless internet connections, and the ability to stream high definition video.

The next step up from Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband is 5G technology, which will enable wireless networks to span distances of up to one kilometre. With the incredible speed that this type of connection will offer, it is anticipated that the cost per unit will drop in half, which will benefit consumers very well. What’s even more interesting is the fact that most of the cell phone providers in the United States are already starting to use the technology, and are offering it to their customers at incredibly low rates.

The telecommunications services industry consists of digital infrastructure (such as fibre, telecommunications towers, active networks, and data centres), operators (mobile and fixed broadband, data centres, and cloud computing), and applications (broadband connections, telephony, video, e-commerce, and others). The sector holds promising opportunities for private sector investors. The sector has remained “mission-critical” to keep economies moving under the lockdown in at least three different ways:

1. Providing business-critical connectivity and resiliency;

2. Facilitating work-from-home arrangements;

3. Keeping individuals and societies connected and informed, with access to medical, financial, commercial, and other essential services during mandated social isolation.

Telecom sector is seeing a lot of growth and this is why it is seeing an immense demand for telecom services. The demand in the market for telecom companies will further grow when people realize how important their services are for their day to day life. As we know the demand always follows the supply and hence the telecom companies will continue to grow and flourish. In the future we can expect a lot more growth and people will start to realize how important their services are for their day to day living.

The Internet of things has opened a Pandora of boxes for Telecom companies, with devices getting smaller and smaller and bandwidths getting bigger and bigger; many new applications are being built. Imagine a Security camera, thumb sized, and transmitting live images to you over 4 G. Imagine controlling your fleet of cars or workers through sensors placed on them, with live reports being transmitted to you over your smartphone through 4G.

Apart from this there are a number of other services being offered by telecom companies. Some of these services are being offered by telecom professionals who are well paid. You can contact such professionals to get your work done properly. There are many others who are working on commission and can be contacted for getting things done for you at an extra price. The right kind of Telecom Company will always find a way to serve the masses and enable them to get quality services at affordable prices.

The author of this article is Mr. Shashank Agarwal, M.D at Salasar

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