How to find cheap cable TV service

Most consumers in the market are now looking for ways to get cheap cable TV services. If you are looking for the same as well, you have come to the right place. With the current economy in constant flux, the price is falling in rising; saving a little money every possible can make a lot of difference in the long run.

Unfortunately, the cost of cable TV has been on the rise for the last few years. The cable TV companies always try to upsell their product, but they never actually tell the client what type of things the client will get if they opt for a cheaper cable bill.

Yes, there are many alternatives to cable television available, but they do not always give you the programs you are looking for. You cannot even use them in many cases if you do not have their specific Internet service. In such cases, you want the service to be available, but you also require it to be affordable.

Here is how you find the cheapest cable package for yourself

Look for basic cable packages.

When you sign up for a new cable, the cable TV representative will often provide you with a package based on the different types of shows and movies of your choice. However, they do not stop to consider that some of you may only need a handful of channels about news, entertainment, and a few regular shows. If you only need these many channels, then you should ask for the basic cable plan. Some representatives work on a commission basis, so you may have to put a little pressure on them to give you the basic plan.

Cancel the premium channels once the trial period is over

Most companies offer their customers a free trial for 90 days. However, they take the credit card information of the customer before they give the free trial. Once the 90 days are over, they automatically start deducting money from the client’s account in the name of renewing the subscription.

Bundle the Internet, phone as well as cable.

Most of us would question twice if such an amazing plan comes our way. However, in the case of phones, the Internet, and cable, this is true. If you go for a bundle package that involves an Internet connection, a cable connection, and your phone, it will cost you less.

Have your modem

Most Internet service providers charge anything between $8 to $15 every month for renting out their modem. If you choose to buy a modem, it will cost you less. Therefore, if you wish to install Internet services in your home, it is better to buy your modem than opt for the company model since you will have to pay monthly charges.

Rethink the DVR option

Kids love DVR. However, if you don’t have a child in the house, there is no point in having a DVR service. If you do not like to watch recorded movies or shows, then DVR is not the right service for you. You can also save some money every month by this method.

Refer acquaintances and save more money

Most big TV provider forms and Internet providing companies have a referral plan in place. If their customers refer and send more customers to them, the referring customer and the new customer both get monthly discounts on their bills, equipment upgrades, and free paper view movies.


Change channel packages

There are many cable channels out there that are not in high demand. For these channels, the providers tend to lump them with the more popular channels. If you are planning to lower your monthly bill, call customer service and figure out if there are channels that you can remove and get your bill reduced.

Ask for a cheaper rate.

A lot of people have heard of this option, but they rarely use it. There is so much competition in the TV industry. They do not wish for their clients to change and go to another TV service provider. Thus, if you wish to lower your bill, simply ask. This method would be very effective if the rival channel company is giving a promotional offer. This will force your current three cable companies to offer you reduced rates for a period of 6 to 12 months because they do not want to lose their customers to their rival companies.

A lot of cable and satellite TV providers offered lower rates during the initial stages. These lower rates last for 12 to 24 months. Once the promotional time gets over, the rate may double or even triple; instead of canceling your services, call the cable provider customer service and discuss with them. They may apply some promotional offer and get your price reduced.

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