Internet Service Provider Frontier to Deliver 2Gbps Broadband For Fiber Customers, But How Much is it?

Frontier Communications has a surprise offer for those who are dealing with a slow internet connection. Earlier this week, the internet service provider (ISP) announced that it would deliver a 2Gbps plan which will be catered to households with fiber networks.

Here’s what you need to know about this high-speed broadband.

Frontier Becomes First ISP to Deliver 2GB Internet Service

Internet Service Provider Frontier to Deliver 2Gbps Broadband For Fiber Customers, But How Much is it?

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ISP Frontier is now offering a new plan of 2Gbs internet service for all households within the fiber networks.

These days, people only want what’s best for them. Choosing a good internet service provider is crucial since most of the time, the connection is all we need to do things online.

Whenever we hear “fast internet,” it’s always Chattanooga Tenn that always comes first into our mind. This time, the case might be different for now.

According to a report by ZDNET, Frontier is now offering a new plan of 2 Gbps across all of its networks. Usually, we often associate this company with rural DSL internet service. 

With the launch of its recent internet service, Frontier eyes a huge expansion for it across 19 states in the US. This would cover about 4 million customers during the soft launch.

Moreover, the FiberOptic plan is considered to be symmetrical which means that you can both upload and download speeds that can reach 2 Gbps.

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What’s Amazing About Frontier’s Recent Broadband Plan

To give you some examples of its capability, the new Frontier internet service can allow you to download a 10 GB game or movie in just two minutes. Additionally, it was mentioned that it will only take 90 seconds to download a single Blu-ray (HD) “Game of Thrones” episode.

In the same report, you can also imagine how many devices can connect to Frontier’s 2Gbps plan. Commonly, we know that the more gadgets are connected to the internet, the slower the connection that we can achieve.

Interestingly, you can link up to 17 devices on average when you’re at home, Frontier claimed.

Although Frontier’s announcement was a game-changing surprise for internet users, it’s not the first ISP to market multi-Gbps speeds. Apparently, other providers such as Google Fiber, AT&T, Ziply Fiber, and more have also offered this service in the past.

“The last two years have fundamentally shifted how we use the internet and what customers expect from their connectivity partner. Powered by thousands of miles of fiber, we are stepping up our game to bring unmatched 2-Gig speeds to our entire fiber footprint and change the way customers experience the internet at home,” Frontier’s EVP of Consumer John Harrobin said.

What to Look For Frontier’s 2 Gbps Service

With the new Total Home Wi-Fi Guarantee, Frontier has improved its router to adapt to the best Wi-Fi standard at the moment. By just simply connecting to the 2Gbps router, you can get 1Gbps of wireless connectivity.

Other than that, the company will offer multi-device security with no additional charge. You can also take advantage of tech support, a voice line, and unlimited data.

According to CNET, the monthly cost for this 2Gbps plan will be $150. You can also check other cheaper services which include 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

Since it’s “Twosday,” Frontier also offers a special price of $2 for this 2-gig service. It will last for two months. However, this offer is only available at the location in Venice, California.

You can still sign up as early as now if you want to test this new internet plan.

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