Kodezi, Ishraq Khan’s journey into creating a grammarly for programmers

Read the story of Kodezi by Ishraq Khan, a teenager serial entrepreneur and programming geek. Learn how he laid the foundation of an online learning platform focused on programming and coding and how it matured into a brand. Discover what it takes to make your startup a success story and even get company acquisition offers from fortune 500 companies.

Many universities teach coding, but students rarely get familiar with the subject as more emphasis is on the theory. Programming and coding are already pretty challenging to learn. Part of it has to do with the scarcity of resources and study material. The market needed a platform or academy where young minds can practically learn coding. To fill this void came Kodezi. It is an online coding platform providing students and programming geeks with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, coding in a much more practical manner.

How It All Began?

Ishraq Khan, a 15-year-old high school student, started Kodezi as a basic idea in 2019. The site was called TeachMeCode in its early days. More than10,000 users joined the website within a month, and it has kept growing since then. Initially, it was just another website providing coding and programming tips to the youth but later, it matured into a full-fledged online platform.

The Inspiration

Ishraq was inspired to develop this site when he observed students struggling to hold fruitful online discussions. Any skill, language, or knowledge cannot be shared and learned without effective communication. The absence of an efficient communication medium made it difficult for students to excel in programming and coding.

The Difference It Made

Kodezi developed as a viral idea among students who could finally share their knowledge, concerns, and expertise, which resulted in a much quicker and more effective learning process. There are many tutorials present in this regard on popular online platforms such as YouTube. But they are an hour-long in most cases. Plus, they focus on bookish knowledge rather than practical experiences.

A Non-Typical Approach

Kodezi also allows students to learn quickly and effectively due to its non-trivial tutorials. It is an open online learning platform, allowing educators and students to share programming and coding tutorials. This unique E-learning approach enables students to communicate better with experts having years of experience.

Grammarly For Coding &Utilizing Artificial Intelligence 

In early 2020, Ishraq was invited to be part of a machine learning internship where his experience and expertise grew. After his internship was over, his interest in machine learning grew tremendously as he wondered if programming languages could be used to detect bugs in code and debug them automatically because his research project was on detecting liver disease in patients. He wanted to see if there exists a Grammarly for programmers as well but there wasn’t. That was the voila moment for him. as he then used his machine learning knowledge and expertise to create something that could function as Grammarly for programmers, hence he founded Kodezi.Team Kodezi is pretty reliant on using machine learning data and using it to integrate it within their site, where users can input any code with any errors and it would not only tell them syntax errors, formatting, and spelling mistakes within the code, but also fix it for them. This feature was almost never introduced to the general consumer market before. It works much like Grammarly for coding!

The Exciting New Features!

The online community just witnessed the exciting relaunch event on August 20th. The management also unveiled a new feature at this event. It allowed students to use artificial intelligence within Kodezi’s website in order to clean code, debug code as well as even convert any types of programming languages to another. The team is currently working on new features as well as rebuilding the entire website from a ground up with a new tech stack to go out of beta for the public. The team is now utilizing not just programming but written content as well such as having AI completely write plagiarism free essays depending on any prompt or topic and even create essay outlines! 

Coping With the Pandemic

The recent pandemic has made this platform even more essential. As schools and colleges were closed during the current pandemic and learning was hindered, Kodezi helped thousands of students learn coding despite the complete lockdown. As of mid-2021, the platform peaked at over 270,000 users since it started back in 2019. Thousands of students use the Kodezi platform to upload and share learning material. It is simply a learning platform for the students, by the students.  

Getting a Company Acquisition in 2021! 

A fortune 500 company recently offered the platform an acquisition offer due to their demanding and impressive machine learning code debugging feature. It was quite a remarkable achievement considering that the platform is still less than a year old. With Kodezi’s focus on students, the company is experiencing a transformation in the future. Kodezi is predicted to release new features with the help of their machine learning engine, proving to be a growing and leading platform for peer-to-peer learning and AI debugging.

Brand Revamping

As of now, the brand is undergoing some major progressive rearrangements. The whole management has changed, as well as the website under the rebranding. The addition of new demographics in its user base and the overall better response in terms of consumer satisfaction has boosted Ishraq’s confidence. He hopes for more investments as well as an office space in the future. The journey doesn’t stop here as the higher management is further planning to introduce a whole new lot of features pretty soon. 


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