Learn the skills you need to become a Python programmer with this course

Python is one of the most popular programming languages and also the easiest to learn, so you can go from complete novice to professional with the self-paced courses in this bundle.


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Python is almost ridiculously easy to learn, and there is a constant demand for the skills. So, if your goal for 2022 is to break into the lucrative tech industry, you can get all the skills you need to become a master Python programmer in The Python 3 Complete Masterclass Certification Bundle.

You need no experience whatsoever to start learning Python from scratch in “Python 3 Complete Masterclass: Part 1,” and you’ll be on advanced topics within a few short hours. The series has four more parts, and Part 2 will teach you how to use Python 3 to automate databases, Excel, and networking tasks. Part 3 is all about data analysis and visualization, and Part 4 covers web scraping and unit testing. You’ll learn how to extract product names, prices and links, as well as 10 ways to earn money with your skills.

Part 5 is actually broken into two courses. The first is but they’re both about network programming, teaching you how to build network scripts, customize code, automate tasks, and more. You’ll get cheat sheets, code samples and more. The final course is “Python Regular Expressions: From Beginner to Intermediate Level” in case you found the Regular Expressions coverage confusing or would like to perform pattern matching tasks.

Mihai Catalin Teodosiu is the instructor for all of these courses. He has a degree in telecommunications and information technology and has been working as a network quality assurance engineer for more than a decade. He has taught thousands of students, who have awarded him an average course rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars.

Verified purchaser Marcos Nivers L. rated this bundle a perfect five stars. He said: “Very complete and helpful pack. It has the fundamentals to learn Python from the basics to advanced levels which include Excel, databases and network topics.”

You don’t need to complete all of the courses before applying for Python positions. So don’t wait too long before checking out the best resume and job interview tips.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to become a Python expert when you can get The Python 3 Complete Masterclass Certification Bundle for only $29.99 (normally $1,393).

Prices subject to change.

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