Research Assistant, Data Programmer job with NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE

Job Description

  • Our group: At National University of Singapore, we have an exciting team that is, day by day, defining the future of digital medicine. Covering artificial intelligence, biostatistics, bioinformatics and even advanced blockchain technologies, we work with clinical data from around the world to find new approaches to improving clinical care. Our analytics are coupled with not just access to clinical cohort data, but to the deep-phenotyping on-site multiplex technology of mass spectrometry.
  • Your role: The digital innovation group at the National University of Singapore is dedicated to bridging the gap between informatics and a high-quality code base which provides scalability and operational stability. Your role will be to help create a common data model which consolidates your own ideas in synergy with our current coding team (primarily using R) to create novel, publishable and transformational code in the area of health informatics.
  • Who we are looking for: This position is literally a chance to change the world for the better in a big way. The expectation is you will have prior experience with coding and a basic understanding of statistics. Most importantly, a desire to learn in the stimulating environment of NUS healthcare informatics. You will be working with some of the best and brightest minds at the University, so if you are ready to engage, please send a note and we will look forward to the first interview.


  • Competitive salary package
  • University affiliation
  • Commercialization / startup opportunities leveraging University supported programs
  • Work directly with an academic physician at NUH


  • Hold a degree in Computer Science
  • Python is the preferred programming language but expertise in alternative languages is acceptable as well. It will be important to be able to translate into and out of R data frames and algorithms into the core data model, so additional systems solutions are always welcome as well (we typically have a 3x weekly scrum).
  • Familiarity with R
  • A working knowledge of object oriented data structures
  • A working knowledge of basic data science including techniques of regression and common statistical tests
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills, is meticulous, organized, proactive and have an investigative nature
  • Good written and communication skills

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Department : Medicine

Employee Referral Eligible: No

Job requisition ID : 10329

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