Skai Named the #1 Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

For the eighth consecutive year, Skai takes the lead in two categories, solidifying its preeminent position within the 2022 ranking and beyond

Today, Skai (formerly Kenshoo) — a leading commerce intelligence and advertising platform — was named the leading provider of search engine marketing and social media marketing in Digital Commerce 360‘s Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers report. This marks the company’s eighth consecutive win in this category.

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“Over the last year, retailers have experienced both volatility and opportunity. Most relied heavily on their ecommerce businesses and invested in engaging the digital customer. While some retailers were more prepared than others to immediately capitalize online, Skai’s expertise, rooted  in intelligently driving demand through online channels, enabled success at every level of digital evolution,” says Nich Weinheimer, GM Strategy and Retail at Skai. “Our well-rounded commerce intelligence, omnichannel campaign automation, and advanced reporting, planning and measurement solutions proved especially and increasingly valuable in this new digital-native era for retail. We intend to maintain rapid innovation, and to continue helping top retailers connect the dots between data and marketing, both online and off,” says Weinheimer.

Much has evolved with respect to paid search and paid social advertising since Skai first appeared atop these vendor rankings in 2014. New methods to measure results and improve campaigns with omnichannel marketing intelligence have taken center stage in 2021, and new business models, such as ecommerce and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) have become primary storefronts for brand and consumer interaction. With Kenshoo’s rebrand as Skai following its acquisition of Signals Analytics, the company was poised to offer capabilities that help retailers leverage large amounts of internal and external data to fuel growth with AI-enabled consumer and market intelligence, improve investment returns, capitalize on emerging ad trends, optimize campaigns and ultimately, maintain independence from Walled Gardens.

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With Skai’s independent paid search and paid social solutions, advertisers can build effective connected commerce strategies to reach and engage customers across channels. Skai has not only built award-winning omnichannel campaign capabilities, but a complementary planning and measurement solution that allows advertisers to determine the value of each marketing effort without reliance on third-party cookies. Impact Navigator, Skai’s solution for always-on incrementality testing, provides a new approach to gauging performance and incremental impact far faster and easier than the traditional method. Additionally, Skai constantly is creating and developing new innovations in data intelligence and actionable insights to allow retailers to better understand, connect with their customers, and drive powerful growth.

The Digital Commerce 360 ranking of top solution providers offers a roadmap for retailers searching for the E-commerce technologies and services most preferred by the Top 1000 merchants. Vendor rankings are based on the number of clients in the 2021 edition of Digital Commerce 360’s Top 1000. The report ranks the top 10 vendors used by Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000 retailers across 24 categories, and Skai, formerly Kenshoo, led as the vendor with the most Top 1000 clients in the search engine marketing and social media marketing categories.

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