The Weekly SEO – Issue 199: AI Content – Nov 15th 2022


Hi there ,

A bit of an AI themed issue today! Firstly, I’m super excited to announce I’m Co-Founding an AI product of my own; Formula God.

Using artificial intelligence, Formula God helps you do everything you need in Google Sheets with one single formula.

It’s not an SEO product, but it’s certainly going to help you with analysing SEO data in Sheets! I’ve been experimenting and using it for the past month and I’d struggle to go back to most standard formulas.

You use it by ‘talking to Sheets’. eg. “Extract the subfolder from each URL in Column 1”, or “Sum the values”, or “calculate the percentage difference from column 1 to column 2”). Check out my tweet with some examples.

My Post of the Week is also all about AI! Mike King has written an awesome article on “why AI content is not the SEO threat they want you to think it is“.

And I agree! His argument is that AI can beneficial to SEO when you’re smart about it, despite what Google’s policies say (and they’ve since clarified this, saying not all AI content is bad).

He also goes in deep on what large language models are, the challenges with them and which of them are good for SEO. A must read

Andrew Charlton

Post of the Week

AI Content is not the SEO threat they want you to think it is

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15,000 sites hacked for massive Google SEO poisoning campaign

Crikey, an interesting one! Hackers conducted a black hat optimisation campaign at scale, hacking 15,000 sites and redirecting them to fake Q&A forums.


Google Needs 9X More Time To Crawl JS Than HTML | Onely

Love this experiment from Ziemek Bućko and the team at Onely.

They found that Googlebot needed 9x more time to crawl JS pages than HTML pages

Case Study

7 types of websites shot down by Google. Techniques, patterns, impact [October 2022 Spam Update]

Great thread and analysis by Alexis Rylko on the types of website impacted by the October 2022 Spam Update.

Processes & Frameworks

The 7-Day Quick Start Guide to SEO + Cheat Sheet

This is great from Cyrus Shepard

A cheat sheet with seven days of actions to check the SEO health of your site.

Shipping Frequency and SEO Strategy

This was some great reading from Adam Gent! He shows how your SEO strategy needs to adapt with shipping frequency, alongside numerous examples of his past projects to back it up!


Percent Human: A list of tools for detecting lower-quality AI content

Sticking with the AI theme, Glenn Gabe has put together a list of AI content detection tools and how they work

[UA→GA4] Audience migration tool

You can now migrate your Universal Analytics audience over to GA4 using the Google Sheets Add-on released by Google.

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