VTX1 Companies Acquires Wireless Internet Service Provider SOS Communications

Expansion to Central Texas Region to grow the VTX1’s service area northward

VTX Communications

VTX1 Companies (VTX1) officially announced the acquisition of wireless internet service provider, SOS Communications (SOS), headquartered in Georgetown, Texas. SOS has been an internet service provider within the Central Texas region since 2007 and has been selected for, and won, the Best of Georgetown Award, for the past three years. SOS’s service area encompasses over 3,500 square miles and stretches from Burnet to Elgin to Temple. SOS serves approximately 3,000 subscribers in the Central Texas area.

Jerry Stephens, COO of SOS Communications affirmed, “We are very pleased with the acquisition by VTX1, because it affords the technical and financial resources to become an acknowledged leader in fiber enabled broadband and streaming services for home and business in Central Texas, one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.”


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