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PROMO When it comes to modern application development, things are getting increasingly personal.

Businesses and their development teams need to connect with their customers over an ever-widening variety of channels and touchpoints. Customers are less tolerant of poor experiences, and the bar gets higher all the time.

So, how do you keep up with all of this? Well, the combination of a modern application development low-code platform such as OutSystems and a rock solid cloud platform, like AWS, will give you the ability to speed up delivery, along with the confidence of knowing that you can scale quickly and maintain security.

If that’s a little too abstract for you, check out this webinar, which spells out how health giant Humana used OutSystems on AWS to transform how it develops applications and its customer experience.

Humana had experienced the all too common problem of having different teams building what were, on the surface, similar products over the years. But each was slightly different, meaning each time the business needed to kick off a new project, it began from scratch. As Bruce Buttles, Humana’s digital channels director, puts it, the team had a great methodology, but needed a platform to build on.

Bruce and OutSystems product strategist Joao Grazina talk through how adopting OutSystems flipped this on its head, meaning the Humana team could identify the common elements underlying multiple projects, and use these as the starting point for quickly building out new products.

The result is not just faster time to market, but faster evolution overall. As Bruce says, the organization can be ready to plan for “surprises” in terms of customer and market needs. And, he continues, the team can exploit its customer knowledge to anticipate customers’ needs, getting started on new apps, rather than reacting to cues from the business.

Or, he says, it’s like being able to clone your best programmer.

Joao explains just what OutSystems on AWS means in terms of terms of scalability, reliability, and security – and the ability to leverage the full range of AWS services through pre-built integrations.

So, if you’re in need of practical proof of how OutSystems on AWS could work for you, just head to the registration page, tune in, and start thinking which of your programmers you’d like to clone.

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